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Partner with Blue Wave

Provide additional solutions to your clients while increasing your revenue. Begin a partnership with Blue Wave Merchant Solutions – a leader in High Risk Merchant Processing Solutions.

How it Works

You provide us with the merchants information and we do the rest!

We will work with the merchant to find the best possible solution for their processing needs. Once we find them a home and they begin to process, you, the referral partner, will receive residual payment monthly for the lifespan of the account.

Why Partner with Blue Wave Merchant Solutions?

If you are considering partnering with a provider of high-risk merchant accounts, you should consider Blue Wave Merchant Solutions for a number of different reasons. Working with Blue Wave Merchant Solutions can deliver a number of huge advantages when it comes to a fast application process, high approval ratios, fully integrated payment gateways and more for your clients.

Here are some of the top advantages that you can receive by working with Blue Wave Merchant Solutions.

Blue Wave Merchant Solutions offers a proven platform for high-risk merchant accounts. We can provide approvals to high-risk or medium-risk businesses within 24 hours. Get your business up and running with a payment processing solution fast. We provide approval to over 95% of those that apply so it is very little risk to try!

Our high risk merchant account customer support can deliver ongoing assistance with your payment processing needs. Through offering attentive customer service we can deliver the answers when you need them.

Our company deals with some of the largest financial institutions to find reasonable merchant account fees for your high-risk merchant account. We can identify the solutions which will be best for your brand. Working with banks that can save you money on payment processing merchant account fees is Blue Wave Merchant Solutions’ main priority.

We can deliver optional chargeback support to protect you in the event of a chargeback incident. This can reduce losses for your business and ensure that you are informed of any immediate chargeback within 48 hours of the dispute.

With reliable payment processing featuring secure standards outlined by the top credit card companies, we can deliver reliable payment processing for your business. No matter what industry you are in, our high-risk specialists can help you to grow your business by finally offering dependable payment processing solutions. Take your business online, internationally or receive a retail terminal for your physical retail location.

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